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Singapore 427412
Mohd Rafiee Abdullah on Google

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Its ok when fresh from oven but hard to bite when cool
Bill Sacks on Google

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Dense, tasty, and filling Mutton Biryani curry puff. Glad to have stumbled upon the place.
Sham Abdullah on Google

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Tried the Mutton Briyani and Beef Black Pepper karipaps. Both are delicious, and best when it's dipped with the accompanying sauce. The prices are also very reasonable. Recommended.
smogangunners Gunners on Google

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Freshly baked every day and friendly service .
Neil H on Google

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So... I was cycling and I chanced upon this shop. Loved my Malay Curry Pok since young. Decided to try their mini potato crispy puff and it blew my mind away. It was filled with moist potatoes in a crispy brown pocket. With no carrying sack. I braved and bought the mutton pocket and beef pocket. Fantastic friendly service and I'm glad my childhood memory is enhanced by this encounter. Must try!
Md Noh on Google

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Tried their beef 'karipap' for the first time, since the other different stall I usually buy from nearby had already closed for the day. Bought at 7.45pm which is almost their closing time and brought home to eat (no longer warm by the time I got back, didn't reheat before consumption). To my surprise the pastry, even at the end of the day, remains crisp and flaky, filling is best described as very mild in spiciness with diced moist, fresh potatoes. Makes for a satisfying bite especially when savoured along with a hot drink. There are two rather small pieces of beef in the filling. But mind you, at S$1.50 this costs only two-thirds compared to the same offering from the other stall, and still ten cents cheaper than, for example, an Old Chang Kee Curry'O while having more of that homemade flavour goodness. A packet of chilli was provided but as I usually eat my karipap plain without it, I won't be reviewing that.
Thomas Timlen on Google

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Hello Vegans! Grab a big potato curry puff here for only $1! A small clean place with friendly service - also has drinks for $1 - super for a quick bite when in the neighbourhood - which is rich with heritage buildings and a wide range of cuisines.
steven lim on Google

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We wanted to try after reading the reviews, and bought the chicken curry puff. They have a wide variety of, to me, unusual flavours including biryani mutton, tandoori chicken and black pepper beef. The skin was super hard when we got home, though that also meant it was crispy. What we did was removed the outer skin - the in er skin with the filling tasted better. The filling was not too spicy, and they chicken pieces were in tiny chunks.

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