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cys edi on Google

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Nice but slightly pricey. The Q is long and worse if they have to pack for external orders. Those in the Q have to wait very long for them to pack. I think it is not worth the while and overrated. Updates: They have renovated with bigger counter and the waiting time improved a lot. I am revising my rating from 2 to 4 stars based on the food which is nice with authentic nyonyah influence. 2nd Updates (Oct 2020): Hardly seen the original uncle and aunty who cook the dishes. Now they have a new group of people running the stall. The food seems to change a bit. The texture of the food went down. Recipes can be followed but not the texture. And they use foam plate and plastic spoons and fork. Ah that is not environmental friendly and eating nasi padang with those plastic utensil is a big turn off. I am revising my rating from 4 to 2 stars now. 3rd update ( Oct 2020 ) The standard seems to drop further. Fish curry ran out before 12pm. Like going to a bubble teahouse and the tea ran out. Cook was cooking without wearing mask. Helper seen eating in kitchen. Curry dishes served with very little gravy. The people who serve don’t really bother to listen. Dropping one more star rating. Sad to see such passionate food stall go south. I patronised this stall very regularly for more than 10 years. So sad to see such state. Hope they listen and improve, especially from old customer who can feel that the old magic formula is obviously missing. Don’t be obliviously proud with some good reviews. The good reviews may be just for the old auntie and uncle who just retired and no longer manning the stall. Taking over a fantastic stall may not mean taking over the good reviews and the instant fame. If the new owner is intoxicated with the past fame, eventually it may just be another lost heritage.
Jordan Liang on Google

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Legit good nasi padang, that does not cook with pork nor pork lard (but not Halal certified), service is fast and professional, bergedil was amazing for me, portions are generous and price is fair. I'll be back for sure!
E. Delaynie on Google

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Daylight robbery at this stall. They sell 1/2 portion of bbq squid for $3, full squid (small 10cm squid) for $6. They will HALF or THIRD their portions and sell them at FULL PRICE. My plate of 1 Squid, 5 pcs of small prawn, Cabbage and 2cmx3cm of Otah comes up to $14. Would expect these prices in Orchard Road, but not in Bishan heartlands. All would be forgiven, if their food is nice, but its NOT delicious. Average, edible. First and last time here for brunch. Never again.
Tobbie on Google

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Consistently excellent Nasi Padang by the Chinese/Nonya family. Must try the grilled chicken chop. Expect a queue during lunchtime.
Brian He on Google

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They changed owners but the food standard still remains and portions given were even more than the ex owner.(to be fair to the reviews which criticize about quality) They also have more variety of dishes. Recommended dishes are the BBQ chicken and Otah. There's alot of vegetables dishes which are really fresh too. Prices are also quite economical for a Nasi padang store. $14 for 3 packs is very reasonable!
seri on Google

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The owner has changed. The food has changed. The chilli isnt sambal roasted smell form. The grilled chicken is too hard and the fish meat is too hard too.. I miss the aunty cooking..
FoodieDirectory on Google

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If you are expecting cheap economy rice, look elsewhere. Ok tasting nasi padang with some bbq options. Not exactly bbq because there is no charcoal grill. Just a hot flat stove. Prices are what you expect for nasi padang but I think you can find better nasi padang stalls elsewhere.
Peter Lin on Google

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Nasi Padang w. BBQ Sotong, BBQ Chicken, Otah and Kang Kong. The long queue for this Chinese style nasi Padang caught my eye and I always love a good looking sotong especially when grilled. But the expectations I had set was too high and the nasi Padang while decent did not pack a punch.

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