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Singapore 267208
Patrick Hanna on Google

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Great pizza shop - good pizza at reasonable price. Service is nice and friendly. They have a few locations in Singapore and they all look, feel and taste the same - which is good because we know no matter where we go it will be consistent.
Chong Peng How on Google

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Very good pizza! Sour dough is chewy and adds a layer of flavour to the pizza. Ingredients also fresh. We usually order online and collect. Highly recommended
Fiona KF on Google

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Had an average dining experience there, not amazing but not bad either. Went on a weekday at lunchtime, but the place was already quite packed. Food-wise, the pizzas were so-so. We ordered 1) the smoked salmon + shrimps pizza, and 2) the meatless/plant-based meatballs + tomato and bbq sauce pizza, and 3) truffle fries. Both pizzas had yummy sourdough crust and the toppings were quite generous, though the first pizza's shrimps were tiny - smaller than the average shrimps on pizza you'd usually see. The amount of bbq sauce on the second pizza was quite an overkill taste-wise, when paired with plenty of tomato sauce. The sauces also soaked through the sourdough quickly so some parts were soggy. IMO it could be more balanced and less overpowering if there was less of both sauces. The plant-based meatballs were a healthy option but didnt have much of a taste. Truffle fries smelled great, but once they were in our mouths we couldn't taste much of the truffle. Still good and crispy as regular fries. Coffee (flat white) from Baker & Cook was nice and strong with pretty swan latte art. No complaints there. Service: A tad slow and there didn't seem to be enough staff covering the entire pizza area so it took a while for us to get their attention each time. That said, the staff were definitely all friendly, polite and professional; they were just kept busy. Wouldn't mind coming here again if I'm in the area, to try other items on their menu.
Sean Chiu on Google

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Had the basil almond pesto pizza ($26), their special for the month and I was really really impressed. Toppings were generous and the pizza was large enough for my mother and I to share. The 48h dough preparation combined with their beautiful fire oven really makes the crust shine, it had a wonderful an earthy and satisfying bite which was tasty on its own. Good stuff, chill ambience with decent service. Would come back.
Sze Wee Tan on Google

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Located in Namly avenue, this restaurant is part of Bake and Cook. Their sourdough pizzas are unique and soft. We tried the pizzas with Parma ham, salmon and soft cheese. Sides include truffle fries and fried chicken bites. Service can be slow at times when the place is packed but worth a revisit.
Letitia Lew on Google

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#1 pizza + BBQ chicken: 2.5 stars Tomato sauce a bit too sweet, and the pulled chicken a bit too dry for me. The flavour of this pizza was rather single-note. Dough crust wasn't anything special either and soggy in the middle. The one saving grace was that the cafe decor and ambience was pleasant and chill on a Wed afternoon.
Vivien on Google

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We ordered the lamb & meatball pizza, as well as the BBQ chicken pizza. Oh, and chicken tenders, too! Partner loved those and said it’s one of the best he’s tasted. We did a takeaway and the food remained piping hot and fresh even after we reached home, about 30 mins later. The pizza fillings were generous and absolutely delicious. As described, their sourdough crusts are fluffy with a tinge of crisp, but perhaps because of the overwhelming flavour of the toppings, the sourdough itself didn’t stand out prominently. We devoured everything and will be back for more. Reasonably priced with great service. Love!?
Kevin Wang on Google

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Went for dinner, super quiet. We sat outside with our dog (pet-friendly). Service was good. We had pizza only, the dough was Excellent with generous toppings. Down side: the combination of toppings were odd, not traditional Italian or American pizza. And the overall was too watery, the center of my pizza was soaking wet. They only offer overpriced organic sodas but can still have free self-service water. Maybe I will come back and crave pizza dough. The sides, appetizers and desserts didn't sound appealing so we didn't order.

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