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vee chasinggee on Google

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I have always feared visiting the dentist but Dr Christine has changed all that for me. She is patient and caring with wonderful skills. The staff here are also amazing and always ready with a smile. Am also impressed with the dental assistant that assisted Dr Christine. Everyone is very professional yet friendly. I am certainly going to continue my dental journey with Royce.
Ming Xuan Lau on Google

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Dr Emily was the dentist in charge of my braces procedure. She is very friendly, and during the appointments, she is gentle and always informs me what she will do next so I can be mentally prepared. I had a missing front tooth and after this 2 year process, my teeth are all nice and straight and looks great now. Her kind and caring nature has made this process really smooth and comfortable for me. Highly recommend her if you are looking to do braces! Thank you Dr Emily!
Eric Lum on Google

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My son’s teeth straightening treatment is going well, thanks to Doctor Emily for her diligent and good advice to my son on how to protect and clean his teeth right. Good customer service too at the front desk which will always call to remind appointment time and dates. Recommend to come and see doctor Emily is have teeth straightening issues
Carol Goh on Google

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Having a set of well aligned teeth has never been a dream come true until Dr Emily Ng who assured me that it is never too late to start on braces. Under Dr Emily’s professional orthodontic treatment and care, the discomfort of accidentally biting on my inner cheek, tongue and lips has been rectified, I am able to chew evenly on both sides, quality of my speech and pronunciation improved, my jawline on both sides are even and most importantly, I have a set teeth that I can rely on. Heartfelt appreciation to Dr Emily for her professionalism in improving my oral health with positive impacts that adds value to all aspects of my daily living.
law hazels on Google

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Highly recommend Dr Christine and this clinic. She was very gentle and reassuring in looking for the source of my pain. She patiently explained my condition and the following steps to take in detail, which helps to make me less fearful and more at ease as I know what to expect next. Would definitely return here for my routine checks and dental needs. Thank you to Dr Christine and her team!
Francheska Lazo on Google

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100/10 ⭐️ i really love how accommodating and hospitable the staff are from when you enter the clinic, to your dental appointment and once you have to leave! i had Dr. Christine as my dentist and she's the best so far! of all the years i've went to different dentists, she's the nicest and i love how she really explains in detail what she's about to do and frequently ask if you are feeling any discomfort! and most importantly her hand is really gentle and light so i didn't feel any pain! can't wait for my next appointment ✨
Kenneth Wong on Google

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One of my best dental visit. Dr Christine is very friendly and caring with great skills. She ensured that I was comfortable and really try to reduce any discomfort that I might have. The staff here are also amazing and patient with my queries. Thank you Royce Dental team for making my visit a pleasant one!
Nurul Rahmad on Google

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My son’s first baby tooth extraction. Attended by Dr Ang. She was gentle and reassuring. The front desk and assistant was really polite and made us feel comfortable too. It was also my son’s first dentist visit so glad i manage to find out about this dental clinic. The only thing bothering me was the chair that my son was sitting on it looked uncomfortable but he said it was fine and the extraction took less than 10min so its not a major problem. 10mins walk from yishun mrt will definitely come by here again for future baby teeth extraction. Thank you! ?

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