Suites @ Newton - 1 Surrey Rd

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Singapore 307740

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Singapore 307740
Pramod Nair on Google

Short walk from Novena MRT, next to Hotel Royal
Ziyu Lu on Google

This condo building was affected by termite, leading to rain leakage and electricity wire tripping problems as of Feb 2021
Jiesheng Tan on Google

Good location. Aggressive and hostilr cleaner. Scolds residents and visitors. will not encourage anyone to stay here.
Eqig Eqig on Google

Very rude cleaner. Most of the residents in the estate are very annoyed with the cleaner but feel helpless. Cleaner always threaten to make life difficult for residents and will openly scold vulgarities at residents. Unfortunately, this cleaner has the backing of the management so he is "above the law". Highly discourage anyone to consider this development unless you want to live at the mercy of the cleaner
Jayson Tay on Google

Same psycho cleaner. You see the amount of complaints against this guy? Don’t bother living here he makes hell for everyone and management is backing him up. Sell this place and shift out. New potential buyers do avoid. Bloody wear underwear walk around play phone and doesn’t sweep or anything. Then hurl vulgarities at residents? Is the management really that useless?

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