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Northpoint City, Singapore 768019

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Northpoint City, Singapore 768019
Nuraini Rizan on Google

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Used to be reliable staff service until news of them underpaying staff comes out. Just went to the Northpoint outlet and the counter staff was watching a show loudly at the cash register. I wanted to buy cupcakes so I approached her and said, "Hello, may I get a box of 6 please?" No reaction. Thinking she didn't hear me, I repeated my greeting loudly to her. She flinched but she continued watching, didn't even look up. It's quite impressive how she's adamant on not serving customers that I just left. That takes balls and I respect that.
Kai on Google

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Great service! Was served by a male Filipino guy. Very warm and friendly! Red velvet cake was kinda too sweet for my liking, tasted more to chocolate cake.
Suzanne on Google

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Their cupcakes are nice, but the staff attitude at Northpoint was profoundly bad. Been standing at the counter waiting to order with no queue while looking at the staff finish her video call on the phone. She obviously knows we were waiting but she was chatting loudly on her video call without giving a damn about customers. Totally not helping the company's reputation in this time of their business crisis. Too bad for the company. Happened on 24/1/21 around 1220hrs.
Muhammad Syahrul on Google

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I must say diets never work because of how good these dam cookies are!! It’s one of those you MUST eat I mean the flavors are on POINT!! ?
Phoo Phoo Htike Htar San on Google

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cancelled my order without even telling me anything, and when i called nobody answered. what a great customer service.
Xindy Liew on Google

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Bought the salted caramel flavour. Nice and delicious. I bought with the 3 for $10 sale. Abit pricey still. Will be good if the pricing can be lowered.
Jacob Fernandes on Google

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Love their cookies. Once ordered a Dark Chocolate Praline Cake and they sent free cupcakes also.
Shilpi Sharma on Google

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Thank you Tweleve Cup Cake - Northpoint for sending best wishes on my first job. I truly appreciate it. Love your cakes❀️Thanks again??

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