Brewerkz Riverside Point

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Riverside Point, Singapore 058282

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City : Riverside Point

Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Anita Rosaleh on Google

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They have good Lava cake with mango passion fruit sorbet, very refreshing! Nice atmosphere by the riverside. Friendly staffs and reasonable price…
Benjamin Kraus on Google

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Nicely located restaurant with friendly staff, a competent chef amd nice meals. They offer lunch menus as well and provide an enjoyable experience and delicious meals.
Red Barker on Google

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Nice welcome and ambience here this evening. Staff were all attentive, friendly, warm and offered some great recommendations, which were appreciated! Nachos and all beers we sampled were tasty. Thank you to the Brewerkz Team here for a lovely evening!
Taronce Ng on Google

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It's a very nice place to dine and chill. We really enjoyed every single food they served. Must try their Wagyu Beef Ribeye and Half Rack Baby Back Ribs. We were surprised with their desserts especially the Black Diamond Truffle. All the desserts were very nice and not too sweet. Staffs were very welcoming and friendly. Really good service. Will definitely visit again!
sunny K on Google

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I ordered a sampler beer but about 6 out of 12 variations were unavailable. deep fried sardine was really fresh and good but sucheon chicken was plain. I'd rather try other places if I go the area again.
Steve R on Google

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A few more mussels would have been appreciated and the 2 garlic bread wafers were very nice, but didn’t go far between the two of us sharing these dishes - but maybe just my appetite ;). Mussels were well cooked, not over cooked and rubbery, but succulent, large and tasty. The SA use was very tasty but a little too salty for my taste, but when isn’t it with such dishes? Have you ever had mussels and thought it would help with more seasoning?? Lamb was tender, tasty and cooked just right. Nothing to improve there. Would enjoy either or both dishes again.
Kim Wee Soh on Google

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Just opposite Clark Quay, but not as rowdy, ambience here is better than their counterparts across the river. Harry's, Brewerkz provides of some nice beer food while Jumbo offers great seafood and wine selection. All in a nice comfortable Al Fresco dining style. There's also a river cruise stop here if a cruise down to the Marina Basin and the Merlion for the great view is your thing. Highly recommended whether you're a tourist or a resident. Beer, wings and view. My favourite chill out place
YK L on Google

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After Reno the restaurant is now more spacious We came with group of 7 adults and 1 kid. Ordered the Brewerkz platter Sausage platter Beer Cheese platter Lava cake Almost or close to all of the available beer Overall experience: Oops! you guys are doing better than your peers.

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