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Singapore 179022
Willy Lim on Google

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Fantastic Korean BBQ. Great for a party of 3-4 persons. Beef is fresh and nicely marbled. The waitress will do the hotplate sizzling while you enjoy a tower of beer with friends. Coupled with generous servings of side dishes like kimchi and lotus roots, grilled beef wrapped with lettuce is simply heavenly.
Vivian Hung on Google

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Went there on a weekend early evening for dinner. Had the set which was pricey but would be worth it as the food was a lot for 6 people and we were full after the meal. Service was good and you have the option to allow the staff to cook your meats for you or on your own. Complimentary barley tea is available as well. Beef short rib soups was the best and the kimchi stew is fantastic! Would recommend going there to try once in a while.
Jo T on Google

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I highly recommend this place. Absolutely loving the food here.The staff are friendly and provide excellent table service. We were served by the Manager (I assumed as we did not have the chance to ask for his name but observed his uniform is different from the others) and we had a friendly chat while he was grilling our meat. This place is mid to high priced depending on what and how much you order. The portion aren't big but the quality makes up for it. It is best to reserve a table as this place is fully booked for dinner on a Sunday. They adhere very strictly to the 90 minutes time slot and they get busy real fast. We wanted to order another chives pancake and was dissuaded as the pancake will take some time to fry while our 90 minutes were running out. But I'm not mad, I can truly understand in these tough times for restaurants, they need fast table turnovers. Will definitely be back again. And kudos again to the wait staff for their great friendly service.
Danny Fong on Google

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You know how you always think that you know something until you experience a whole new thing. Well i am used to going to 2 Korean food restaurants regularly. However this experience with Hanjip made me realise that the difference is vast and frankly the price is not that far apart. For a little more you get a really nice restaurant to eat in, the service is great despite it being busy as hell. Your meats gets cooked for you unless you choose to overcook it yourself. The seafood pancake is seafood pancake for REAL, not some miserable pancake with some seafood. The cheese Buldak is amazing.. its almost all cheese. I truly had a great meal here. Is it worth it, yes!
Weng Yue Siew on Google

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A more premium Korean food experience. The lotus root which was part of the refillable sides was really yummy. The fresh kimchi may feel a bit underwhelming if you are used to the ones which are really packed with flavour. This one is slightly more toned down. The meat was grilled to perfection. At least we were not left to ourselves to extract the best experience out of the meat platter. The exhaust system is not the best as you see the place with a relatively smoky atmosphere when you enter. I donโ€™t have a problem with it but some may, so be prepared if you are turned off it.
Abraham Lee on Google

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What an experience, all meat were fresh tender and succulent. Would highly recommend any of the meat platters. All the other dishes were pretty delectable as well. The place is located in the popular Clarke quay area and parking is easy and a short walk to the restaurant. All the staff were attentive and helped with the cooking in a timely fashion and were able to do it really well. Ambience is nice and posh. Would defo go again!
Xinyi Tay on Google

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Located at Clarke Quay where it was quite accessible. We ordered pork platter. The marinated pork was our favourite. BBQ was done by the staff. The side dishes were flavourful and tasted like the restaurant made them themselves rather than buying off-shelf. The platter fed 4 person but not the kind of very filling. We had to ordered another portion of marinated pork. One downside was that we waited for 1.5 hours for our army stew and spicy chicken with cheese, when the dining time given was 2 hours. Because of that we could not judge how much of food we had to order and ended up ordering too much. Overall, the army stew and spicy chicken with cheese are to our liking. Not too spicy for someone who doesn't really take spicy food. We got to enjoy complimentary corn tea but we still went ahead to order soju. The atmosphere was nice with sofa seating. However, with all the BBQ going around, it was rather warm. It can get quite noisy when you happen to have other patrons who drank a bit too much.
Ben Wong on Google

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Located in a prime area along Clark Quay. Parking is relatively easy but again it really depends which day of the week. The menu is interesting and the selection of the meat is good. The ambient of the place is nice and they do have a few private rooms if you want it. Making a reservation is almost mandatory. But be prepared to smell like what you have eaten. The staff are helpful, friendly and they will barbecue your meat to what you want. Highly recommended!!!

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