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JJ Teo on Google

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The teacher at Phi Learning encourages students to ask questions. My son no longer feels shy or embarrassed about not knowing something. Thank you Phi Learning!
可愛い on Google

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Thankful for the guidance that Phi Learning has provided to my daughter. She finds the environment very supportive and good for her learning.
Mandy Lee on Google

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Phi Learning provides a very unique way of engaging students. My boy often tells me how much he enjoys going for lessons. Highly recommended.
Vivi Aziela on Google

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We have seen improvements on our boy school works. This is very fascinating and encouraging. Happy to see him doing great at school too. Nice & comfortable learning environment. Many thanks to Phi Learning.
delvin tan on Google

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Signed my nephew up for the beginner course. This is his first time attending tuition and to my pleasant surprise he is really enjoying it and does his homework on time! His results have improved tremendously too :) thumbs up!
duangkamol phoothong on Google

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I just completed Phi Learning's Advanced Course. I used to dread going for tuition so much, but the teachers at Phi Learning really transformed my way of learning and shaped my love for writing. The school's grading system and course syllabus is something other schools need to learn from, in my opinion. My only regret is not joining Phi Learning earlier. Thank you everyone!
Eliz Zhang on Google

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My daughters just started with Phi Learning English. Teachers make lessons fun; they look forward to class every week. Small group size, personalised notes provided, with timely updates to parents. Thank you !
Valentin Kravtsov on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

I remember the first walk to Phi with my son (8 years old) where I said that there will be 2 hours of English lessons. My kid was almost in tears - β€œit is going to be so boring and awful”. However, after the very first lesson he was asking when are we going back ?. Somehow Gary keeps him engaged for 2 hours of learning English which is an amazing achievement. We just started so hard to quantify the results, but so far we are very happy.

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