Timbre X S.E.A - #01-04 The Arts House

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Singapore 179429

Phone : πŸ“ž +8
Website : https://timbregroup.asia/venues/timbre-x-s-e-a/
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City : Timbre X S.E.A
Description : Intimate joint in a colonial building with evening performances by local talent & a global menu.

Singapore 179429
Local guide KW Chua on Google

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Nice cozy place to finally indulge in live band atmosphere. Everyone should try their duck pizza, a must try dish at this place. Service of the staff are good and they are very friendly. Most importantly, the feeling of post covid times are back, enjoy!
Ikustas Yat on Google

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Had an absolutely awesome night on the first weekend of live music returning after 2 years.. the food is great and the tom yum mussel is really good. Wish they would sell the tom yum on its own..i would drink it by myself.. the band was amazing and the crowd goes wild..
Ian Chan on Google

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Always love timbre! The duck pizza is always good and the Tiger Crystal deal (3 bottles for $18) is really worth it! Lovely view of the river and boat quay on the opposite bank too.
Xelcius on Google

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Great place to chill out and listen to live band music. Windy place. The staff was friendly. Great band performances.
John Raphael Lum on Google

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Band was nothing short of perfect, food was not too bad either. But what I couldn't stomach was that after a bill that came up to 300+, I was declined tap water because we "didn't order a bottle of wine". It's sad when establishments take profit-making to this level.
Matt Clarke on Google

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Nice open air place to enjoy some live music - great vibe. Limited seating with good menu choices
Ryn A on Google

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The pizza is decent. Unfortunately the other things (except the beer) is not that nice.... I ordered the laksa thing, another pasta i can't remember and truffle fries. The high chair is not nice for long duration seating... But the ambience is great. Music is great... Service is fast. Will i go back? Yeah.. but only for the drinks and music
CP on Google

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It feels so much better as things start to open up after 2 years of Covid and the recent substantial easing of Covid measures allows once again the live band experience. We were the first customer at around 5.30pm and slowly the tables start to fill up and by 7pm, the whole place was almost full. It’s a good idea to come slightly early to catch a glimpse of sunset which is beautiful. To be honest, really wished that the food and service could be better. But the live band experience was a good one and having to do 3 sets of performances from 8-11pm was not an easy one. Kudos to the band’s effort and performance.

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