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Loh Jiahui on Google

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Yumyum! One of my favorite past time dig-ins. I prefer the black carrot cake and it tasted good! The white was had a good amount of egg and it was nicely salted though i had a bit of a pepper bomb in my mouth and a small tinge of a burnt bit. Otherwise, satisfaction guaranteed ?
W L on Google

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Was attracted to the stall from the many newspaper clippings. So I thought Iโ€™d give it a try by ordering the $5 black and white version. Noticed that the portion of eggs used is much lesser compared to other stalls and the quantity is also smaller. My only hope at this point was for the taste to make up for the shortcomings. Turned out that both the white and black versions are very tasty! I actually preferred the black one a little more due to the well balanced sweetness and saltiness. The carrot cake itself is soft but not mushy. Overall, it was unexpectedly tasty! Definitely worth a try and repeated visits too!
C T on Google

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I felt cheated by all the newspapers clippings on their signage. The black carrot cake has no radish, I believe to cut cost and efforts. It taste like salty sweet kueh with black sauce. Moreover its $3.5, most are at about $2.5 to $3. They put a self written receipt on the board to justify the increase. The very fact of cutting ingredient eg radish in it made me question even if the increase is justifiable. My first time with them, but also my last.
W Au on Google

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We ordered the black fried carrot cake. The taste is nothing special with lots of small charred pieces that taste bitter. It is the auntie that is doing the cooking, not the usual uncle. Maybe I m unlucky that day, but sadly, we won't be returning as there are so many other alternatives at TBM.
Alan Teo on Google

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Singapore's carrot cake is truly cakes without carrots in it! So don't be fooled by the name. I presume the carrot was removed over time because of cost. This stall seems to have a lot of news articles written about it but I reckon it's overated. The cakes was very soft and almost becomes mushy. If fried any longer. The dish is very very sweet of you ordered the one with dark sauce in it. If you have a sweet tooth, it tastes excellent, If you don't, you'll will utterly dislike the taste.
Ohnomz on Google

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An interesting rendition of carrot cake that feels very street-style. Reading the reviews and seeing how the uncle interacted with another lady in front of me, I understand why some people gets put off. The uncle has a quirk where heโ€™s inflexible about the number of cutlery he provides (ie 1 portion 1 fork). But these quirks are a small part of our unique hawker culture isnโ€™t it?
Wenqi Ngo on Google

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Best carrot cake served here. The uncle is friendly and extremely generous with the chai po (pickled radish) and garlic. Their chai po is sweet unlike other stalls which makes their white carrot cake balanced and not just plain salty. the stall owner is also very generous if you add an egg as the whole dish will basically be an omelet which isn't a bad idea for egg lovers. there is supposedly only one size of carrot cake which is $3 and is a huge portion, making it very worth for money. ordering a $5 size will be enough for at least 2-3 people to share. I'm not a fan of black carrot cake in general because its sweet but theirs here is pretty good if you're into black carrot cake as it is more moist. would highly recommend a visit even though its a big difficult to get here
Ken Lee on Google

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Great carrot cake, right level of softness with the right flavors , both white and dark are equally good, though my preference will be the white version. A great carrot carries with it Chai po as well and this did not disappoint. I see the lady boss cook it with bulbs of garlic and smashing it while cooking to release the extra garlic goodness too. Recommended!

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