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Singapore 208859

Phone : ๐Ÿ“ž +9798
Website : http://handinhandfood.com/
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Description : Traditional Chinese eatery offering Sichuan specialties, dim sum & ramen dishes, plus a terrace.

Singapore 208859
Bernard Tan on Google

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Hand in Hand Restaurant is one of the better restaurant serving Mainland Chinese or Beijing cuisine. I had eaten a simple lunch here before but this was the first time I had dinner with multiple dishes. There was nothing bad. But there were things that were excellent, especially the Guo Tie, Scallion pancakes and perhaps the Xiao Long Bao. Rating : 5โญ Cost : 2.5?
JUN XUAN TAN on Google

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Was really skeptical about typical China food but this restaurant really makes me have a complete change of the food. Variety wasn't that great but then the taste wasn't too bad. Only pity was the pickled fish was slightly oily and salty but the tatse was good, fish was especially tender and no fishy taste. However, the fish wasn't properly descale and debone, kids and elderly have to be careful when eating. Apart from that the pork for the crepe would be good if seasoning is not too salty and slightly starchy. Overall, the food was good. Xiaolongbao and guo tie is really nice.
Wei xiong Wang on Google

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Warning: Long post ahead ่’œๆณฅ็™ฝ่‚‰ Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce ไบฌ้…ฑ่‚‰ไธ้…่–„้ฅผ Shredded Pork with Soy Paste and Popiah ๅนฒ็…ธๅ››ๅญฃ่ฑ† Dry Fried French Beans with Minced Pork ๅฐ็ฌผๆฑคๅŒ… Baozi Stuffed with Juicy Pork in Bamboo Steamer (aka Xiao Long Bao) ่€ๅŒ—ไบฌ็‚ธ้…ฑ้ข Noodles with Soy bean Paste, Beijing Style (aka Zha Jiang Mian) ็บข็ƒง็‰›่…ฉ้ข Noodles with Beef Brisket in Soy Sauce ? Food wise: The Xiao Long Bao, really good, has a lot of juice, the skin is also thin and the meat is tender! Shredded Pork was also another star of the show, tender and savoury meat, the sauce is just wow, sweet and aromatic! French beans, if only it was stirred more, the saltiness of the dish is not even, some bland and some on the point, delicious Pork with Popiah was very good too! The meat was also tender and savoury and popiah provided a different texture, so good! If only they provided more sliced spring onions, it surely enhanced the taste more. The two other noodles are fillers, which they are filling(due to over-ordering)! So might need to consider sharing on this?. โœจ Ambience wise: Not too much focus on the ambience here, aircon wasn't strong too. But they do have a dumbwaiter to hasten serving food to customers. ?? Service wise: They are really busy! ? Price wise: Slightly pricey but it is suitable for once awhile, treating parents or gatherings.
HY Tean on Google

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Restaurant has a long history since 2004. La mian is hand-made by them so texture is good. Overall, enjoyed the dishes we ordered. Very authentic Beijing cuisine and flavours. ??
Shi family on Google

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Decided to try a new Chinese restaurant as we missed food from back home Was disappointed with the minced meat portion for our Beijing noodle We compare it with other dinerโ€™s photo. Ours seemed pale in comparison. Thankfully the dumplings were fresh and we enjoyed them. The meat wrap was not fantastic. Meat was poorly seasoned. We had to add vinegar to improved the taste of this dish. Sadly, we will not returning and would rather head to Chinatown to have our fill of home cuisines.
Syl on Google

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I would give it 6 stars if thereโ€™s an option. It was a surprising find during office lunch time - not crowded at all. The food was so good especially the Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce, Men Ding Rou Bing and Mapo tofu. The portion was HUGE. People working there were very efficient as well and the food were served quite timely. If you love Chinese food like me, you cannot miss this place !
Leon Kwang on Google

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NEW: Came back 3-4 weeks after our 1st visit. Ordered mostly the same stuff with 2 new additions/ changes. The beef fried rice was very average, it looks different from the egg fried rice previously but taste pretty close (simple & a tad bland). The ๆฐด็…ฎ็‰› was a little disappointing - nowhere near what you'll expect when in China (but we won't know if we didn't try it). Overall, it was still a fantastic dinner. OLD: We had a craving for a taste of China after watching some China food programs.. so we came to check this place out ~5:30pm (and a long queue started forming just 30mins later). We came seeking for authentic China and that's what we got (barring the ็‚ธ้…ฑ้ข).. we really enjoyed the fried duck, ๅฐ็ฌผๅŒ…, ้—จ้’‰่‚‰ๅŒ…, ๆ‰‹ๆ’•ๅŒ…่œ่…Š่‚‰. We are certain to return in full force some day. Love it.
Elena Lin on Google

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Every dish was very well done, there were no duds on the menu. The salted egg mushrooms were my favourite. There are private rooms upstairs but no lift. The restaurant has been quite filled every time I've come here (3 times, all weekday lunches) but we still managed to get a table without having to wait. The food can sometimes take a while to arrive but it's worth the wait. One thing I didn't quite like is that they charge for water.

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