M Bakery - 30 Bendemeer Rd

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Singapore 330030

Phone : πŸ“ž +9998
Postal code : 01-881
Website : https://m.facebook.com/mbakerysg/
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City : M Bakery

OngEat OngPost on Google

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Vegan Friendly Bakery !! Lots of vegan cakes, bun, cookies etc
John a on Google

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If you like tasty bakery, rolls, breads, but are going vegan, M Bakery has a nice combination of items. Many are healthier in terms of grains used, and flavor combinations. Helpful staff.
Yian Chuan Tan on Google

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Wonderful variety of vegan cakes and breads. Love the cakes here - light (not gerlat like so normal cakes and the majority of vegan cakes nowadays which gear towards too much heavy cream etc) and yet very tasty. Not dry either! Swiss rolls are also wonderful - the pandan one was so aromatic that even non-vegan family members preferred it to normal ones. Not a bread person but the ones I tried (usual suspects like curry potato etc) were all good.
Aravinth Sittampalam on Google

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A plenty of choice for vegetarian cake, Loaf and bun. I happy to revisit there. do have any branch except Blk 30 Bendmeer RD?
Cherrie Tan on Google

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Vegan cake n bread except one chocolate cake, tried pistachio cake $4.50 v nice! Reasonable price. Back again today, missed the bread n cakes, esp. Is Vegan. Even offer individual packaging for all bread m cake due to covid-19 after CB phase 2.
Joy Q. Wang on Google

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Hard to find vegetarian bakeries around town so was very happy to have stumbled upon this one in the neighbourhood! Although their goods do not contain milk and eggs, I tried some of the cake slices and they actually taste really good! I got a cake for grandmas birthday here (small size for $30), really worth it as it was beautiful and delicious! They have good fruit & local flavours.
jianwei tan on Google

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Worth for value vegetarian breads. Love them. Purchase at least twice month. If you wish to buy such small bread do come around 11am to 11.30am when all hot out from oven. Pastry and curry puff are available too.
Bryan Fang on Google

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Simple and classic vegetarian bakery. Can find freshly baked cakes and breads. Short 5mins walk from boon keng mrt station. Shop is located at the void deck of blk 30. I normally go back for their yam pastry?

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