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Singapore 599735
Qian Wen on Google

Few mins walk from MRT. Went in Dec during weekday late lunch time. Long ribs better than short ribs. Preserved veg and you tiao not bad. Braised pork rice is good. Btw cashback on shopback(SB) if using CC registered with SB on return visit. Cashback in app after visit but can only be confirmed upon return within timeframe (stated on app) Location - Few mins walk from beauty world MRT. Unless heavy rain if not easily accessible without private transport Food - Overall decent. Long ribs BKT preferred. Peppery soup ?? Price - Lunch set deal white worth with rice and drink. But only short rib BKT set or braised pork rice has set. Rest need to pay ala carte. Service - Will come refill soup ??
Lory on Google

We ordered classic bak kut teh, peppery taste, meat comes off easily. braised pork rice was also not bad. they also sell bubble tea, but not available in the menu. competitive pricing. we went during off peak hours, the service was fast.
Mihwa Lee on Google

Simple bak kut teh restaurant, with decent food. Chicken soup is highly recommended. I would go with that over the bak kut teh.
Max S. on Google

Came here close to midnight and decided to try their bkt seeing some good reviews. However, overall the experience definitely wasn’t excellent. Firstly the bkt was very average- one piece of meat was extremely tough and the soup was lukewarm. Youtiao was double or triple fried. And the qinglong cai was quite expensive but still tasted old and was difficult to chew. Service was bare minimum and I blame the management for this as they seemed extremely understaffed. One person to take orders, collect payment, deliver food, and clear tables. Probably will not be back here again.
Jaclyn H.Y on Google

Too pricey yet little. Prices not including 7% GST and 10% service charge. Ordered their Bak kut teh meesua. Costed $7.50. It was fresh but largely bone and hard cartilage. Wouldn't have minded if they gave another piece but for that price its totally not worth it. $2.50 for 4 pieces of taupok. Not sure if their wet towels are charged, but when I asked if it was free, the cashier just took it and didn't answer my question. He also took away the condiments basket when i clearly wasn't done with eating. Experienced some differential treatment when I just walked in vs other groups of two. He didnt show me a seat or gave me the ipad for ordering when i walked in by myself (unlike the other customers. Had to go to the counter and only after awhile he told me to sit down) The staff are all/mostly chinese.
Stanley on Google

Bak Kut Teh was good. Comes with two tendery ribs in a flavourful broth which was peppery and sweet. You can ask to top up the soup too. The crispy pork belly was awesome. Meat itself was delicious, soft and moist, crackling as well.
Shan on Google

Bah ku teh is savoury and slightly peppery. Meat slid away from the bone fairly easily. Soup is not too salty. Available to get soup refills. Fried pork taste slightly fermention, very similar to the one I had in china. Delicious chilli sauce. Bubble tea taste surprisingly decent for a bah ku teh store. I feel that it taste like a slightly milkier version of iTea.
Mr. Joshua on Google

Bak kut teh is quite tasty and the vegetables were amazing. The bubble tea is also quit pleasant. The price of the vegetables is quite elevated considering, however the food is still top notch. I look forward to my next meal here.

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