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Singapore 556083
Vivien Teng on Google

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Ordered the Shoyu Buta Don and Mapo Tofu Don plus side dishes. Feel they are more of Chinese rather than Japanese. Shoyu Buta Don on the sweet side while the Mapo Tofu Don has a slight bitter after taste. Mala wings is good just a bit too salty.
Wife Bunny on Google

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Tried the half half version - mapo tofu Don and Dan Dan noodles. I liked the portion because it is not very big. Of you are not hungry can eat this and you can get the best of both world. Dan Dan noodles I ordered the one with soup and I liked it. Should try the dry version next time. Mapo tofu you can order the spicy level. There are 3 levels. I tried the 2nd level and it is very spicy for me.
Bosch Xie on Google

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The mapo tofu with noodles were slightly on the saltier side, and the clear soup was delicious and helped to wash off some of the oily spiciness. The sze Chuan soup was delicious and the gooey texture was just right with the touch of vinegar. The century egg with tofu was delicious and they kept the tofu cold. The sze chuan dumplings were not too bad. Overall the taste was quite consistent across their chain stores.
OceanSky on Google

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Tofu taste is okay. But spiciness i should have choose 2 or even 1. 3 is way high for me. Price is alittle bit higher i feel. As for the drinks are nice. Seating environment are bright and clean.
Lim wee keong on Google

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It’s my second time here. Just so others can know… if one doesn’t like the taste of food with Sze Chuan pepper corn. The taste of their spicy dishes may not to the liking. One choose the spicy level(I cannot take too spicy, I only opt for level one). I actually wanted to order something else but ordered their Mapo Don again and this time with their Sze Chuan popcorn chicken. The last time was mini Mapo Don, Dan Dan Noodles with pork gyoza. It was a good meal too. So I had been here once on weekday’s after 1:30pm and once weekday’s night after 7:30pm which is still not too crowded that one would have to wait in line for long. Service were prompt and my food orders were served quickly enough.
Andrea Chay on Google

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Happened to be at Serangoon NEX which is a shopping mall with so many restaurants and eateries. I tried Chen's Mapo Tofu Restaurant and I love their Mapo Tofu very much which was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand. If you also want to try their Dan Dan Mien as well, then the recommendation will be their Signature Combo (Dry) set! The location is very convenient, at #B2-50/51 of NEX, directly opposite Cold Storage. The price is reasonable and affordable. The service staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The one whom attended to me gave me recommendations and he made my dining experience a pleasant one, thank you for the great service!!!
Teng Mama on Google

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First try, Tasty Mapo Toufu with rice, I ordered a meal and chose Dumplings to go along. Can opt 1, 2, 3 spicy level. I tried level 2 and quite spicy already. For spicy devils can challenge level 3? Main + side+ drink = $18nett.
B W on Google

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A good selection of donburi. Thankfully they have vegetarian options to satisfied my craving for Mapo Tofu. Selected level 2 of spiciness and love it! Add an onsen egg to the Mapo Tofu rice give a good balance of flavor. Portion is generous. Thumbs up!

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