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Misagi Mikado on Google

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Had one of the worst dining experiences ever! Sashimi came with fish scales! And when highlighted to the restaurant, they said it’s fish scales (of course I know it’s fish scales) removed it and then that’s it! As if it’s a norm!! Not even a word of apology! There is also serious hygiene issues with the chefs. They handle food (raw and cooked) with their bare hands without gloves, while the same pair of hands are used to wipe on their shirts and jeans, or placed on their bodies when standing! Yucks!! Never coming here again!!!
Glenn Thum on Google

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Restaurant was completely deserted on a Thursday evening however we decided to give it a try and we weren't disappointed! Food was excellent (we had the unagi summer deal menu) and service was top notch. Would definitely recommend this place!
Castor How on Google

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1 star for the shop which really have a Japan feel, another 1 star for the staff. Ordered beef tongue set with some skewers. Tongue feel like a rubber tongue, skewers is not cooked. Given the price that I paid, definitely not worth the price. Ruined my evening by eating here.
L S on Google

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Food taste bad. Nothing tasted nice. Nothing was warm other than the white rice which was given 20 mins into the meal. Wouldn’t suggest coming here. I got the lunch omakase, everything came in a bowl and waiter rushed all the food to the table. The supposed famous β€˜Wagyu beef’ felt like it was just beef doused in teriyaki sauce from donki and served. Would never recommend anyone to eat here other than my enemies. As you can see the soup which came as the 3rd dish was not cut and portioned. There was no proper flow to the dish as well… water and rice tasted nice. If you’re nearby just go to sushi murasaki for lunch omakase, it’s more worth.
Kattie Lee on Google

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1st time there for dinner, restaurant got a feeling of old Japanese houses...the whole restaurant renovated using alot of wooden materials, I especially like the tatami sitting area, quite a cosy corner. Food portions was quite generous and sufficient to feed a hungry person. Wagyu beef was tender & delicious!
Benjamin T P Tan (btptan) on Google

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Used to be much better. This isn't our 1st time here. Used to come by fairly often pre-COVID. Yukke is now done using roast beef rather than proper Raw Beef as it used to be. Oden soup base is still good but the various items in it, no longer so. It is different. The depth of flavour and texture is wrong. Something has changed since 2 yrs ago. Even earlier than that, the grilled stuff used to be infused with smoke from dried hay (if the original owner is reading this, pls note that there are your old customers who remember that it used to be so good). Grilled liver with negishio was good. Done just right - slightly pink in the middle. Good. Some savings.
Joel Chow on Google

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The Unagi rice sets were pretty decent and good value. Unagi is better than most of those that is available locally. The oden is nicely done as well. Service was prompt and efficient. Overall, pretty good food and experience.
Yane on Google

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

Decent meal. Had the tenderloin set. Tenderloin could be slightly more tender and juicy. The taste was good and the portions were generous. Friends also tried the wagyu mountain don which again is pretty huge. They rated it not bad as well. Good place to chill

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